Unleashing your potential.

As a Partner, you’ll be part of a unique organisation. As co-owners in the business we all share the responsibility to make it as successful as we can. This is why our Partners are as committed to their training and development as we are. It’s why they drive their own careers and make it their business to improve themselves.

Yet our Partners are also individuals, so we recognise that training and development – as well as ‘improvement’ – means different things to different people. For some, it means being great at their job – whether they’re a Selling Assistant, an Occupational Therapist or a Credit Controller. That works for us and we have just the right training they need. For others, it’s about ‘what’s next?’ They want to progress from an Assistant Buyer to Buyer, or they want to change from a Department Manager within John Lewis to a Branch Manager within Waitrose. And we can help them with that too.

But our training isn’t limited solely to your career. We also offer subsidised leisure training to those that want to sculpt, dance or speak Español, anything that takes their fancy. And we do it because we want all our Partners, wherever they work, to be the best they can. To unleash the potential in them. Because we know – as do they – that in doing so, we can only get better, grow stronger and become even more successful.