Our expectations are high. So are yours.

The Partnership is built on the principles of a democracy. We need leaders who have our behaviours at the core of how they manage. Those who can help determine our results by fulfilling the potential of others. Our Leadership Behaviours ask more of our leaders, knowing they’ll rise to the challenge. It’s as much about ‘how’ they’ll achieve things as it is about ‘what’ they’re striving to achieve.

And as we’re focused on the long-term (we’ve been around 150 years after all), your leadership will be a journey in itself. Commercially-minded, you’ll deliver results through our Partners by encouraging accountability. You’ll instil confidence by your decisiveness and have courage in your convictions. You’ll communicate what needs to be done and how we can achieve it. And in doing this, you’ll have the support of the Partners that work with you as they recognise you’re helping them to do better.

If you’re keen to know what these behaviours look like in more detail, visit the Road to Partnership section.

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John Lewis

Senior PPC Executive



Pay in the range: £25,700 to £36,300

Closing Date: 7/5/2017

Head Office

Beauty Therapist - Odney Hotel

High Wycombe

 Central England
South East England

£8.35 - £11.10

Closing Date: 1/5/2017

John Lewis

Shrinkage & Profit Protection Analyst



Pay in range: £27,900 - £36,500

Closing Date: 9/5/2017