The John Lewis Partnership is like no other business. It’s unique. It’s as much our Partner’s business as anyone else’s and that is why we have Registry. Registry work hard to ensure our Partners views, opinions and voices are heard, enabling them to shape the future success of our Business.

The purpose of Registry is to “Ensure the Partnership is true to its Principles and compassionate to individual Partners.”  (The Constitution of the John Lewis Partnership, Rule 82)

Registry is independent of management, responsible to the Chairman and draws its authority from the Constitution above.  Partners in Registry fulfil this purpose in three ways: Assurance, Influence and Support.

Find out more about Registry in The Registry Plan

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John Lewis

Senior PPC Executive



Pay in the range: £25,700 to £36,300

Closing Date: 7/5/2017

Head Office

Beauty Therapist - Odney Hotel

High Wycombe

 Central England
South East England

£8.35 - £11.10

Closing Date: 1/5/2017

John Lewis

Shrinkage & Profit Protection Analyst



Pay in range: £27,900 - £36,500

Closing Date: 9/5/2017