Apprenticeship Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is it like to work for the John Lewis Partnership?
We defy most conventional ideas about companies. Our culture is relaxed and informal, partly because we are one of the UK’s largest industrial democracies – everyone is a Partner in the business and can have a say in our running. The variety of social activities on offer makes it easy to meet people and make friends.

02. I need a work permit, are you able to organise this for me?
Unfortunately, it is a requirement that you are eligible to work in the UK when you start work with us.

03. If I am unsuccessful… when can I apply again?
You can apply again after a period of 12 months has passed provided you meet the criteria.

04. What is the rate of pay?
The pay rate is dependent on the scheme. Please see the relevant vacancy information for details on pay.

05. Will I get a permanent job at the end of the scheme?
Most of our Apprenticeship Programmes offer a permanent position with us on successful completion of the scheme. However please check the relevant apprenticeship page for the specific details for each programme.

06. What will my hours of work be?
The hours of work are dependent on the scheme. Please see the relevant Apprenticeship page for details.

07. Will I get training?
The Apprenticeship Programme contains a combination of on- and off-the-job training, with access to a wide variety of training materials and the support of both your Line Manager and training specialists.

There are a number of elements which require you to drive your own learning, but there are plenty of opportunities to learn from existing Partners who can share their own knowledge with you.

08. If I don’t meet the entry criteria for an Apprenticeship, what other opportunities are available to me?
The Apprenticeship Scheme is not for everyone. It might be you don’t meet the criteria, or it might be there are better opportunities within the Partnership that reflect your skills and experience more closely. If you’re studying for your degree or already have one, why not apply for one of our Graduate Schemes?

09. Why does my age matter?
In the John Lewis Partnership, our aim is to provide opportunities for potential employees, from a variety of different backgrounds, with varying levels of experience. Our Apprenticeship Schemes are aimed to provide employment opportunities for young people who are starting out in their career with limited existing work experience.

10. Why can’t I apply if I already have a degree?
There are a variety of different routes into a career at the John Lewis Partnership. Our Apprenticeships offer a fantastic opportunity for passionate and talented young people who are seeking an entry-level route into our business to begin their career as an alternative to going to university. If you are already studying for, or have already obtained, a university degree, you might wish to consider applying for one of our Graduate Schemes.

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